The Many Benefits of Massage

by Martha-Page Althaus

 Mar 22, 2019 at 2:30 PM

Massages are for more than just relaxation. They’re beneficial for all ages and there are no negative side effects. Rethink massage as total pampering, and reconsider it as a necessary step in taking care of your health. Natalie Veres, licensed massage and body therapist at Country Club of Asheville, shares four benefits of massage treatments

1) Stress Reduction

“We’re working harder and longer hours, sitting at desks all day long. We carry our stress and it can hurt. For pure relaxation purposes, consider a Swedish massage.”

2) Pain Relief

“Massage helps with back and nerve pain. If you’re recovering from surgery, massage helps rehabilitation and creates a healing response in the body to prohibit scar tissue build-up and stiff joints.”

3) Athletic Performance 

“It aids in flexibility with your golf or tennis swing. If you’ve been swinging the same way for years, throwing your body into that one hip, it creates lower back and hip pain. Repeating the same movement causes muscles to contract and tighten over time. But it’s completely treatable! A deep-tissue massage helps muscles to relax.”

4) A Better Night's Sleep 

“Massage has been proven to help with insomnia. It helps regulate serotonin and reduce cortisol levels.”

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Fitting in Fitness

by Jessie Ammons

 Dec 20, 2016 at 8:36 PM

Resourceful planning has yielded impressive improvements recently at four McConnell Golf Clubs. Thanks to ingenious use of clubhouse spaces, the Country Club of Asheville and Holston Hills Country Club have brand-new fitness centers; and Old North State Club has significantly renovated its center with Providence Country Club soon to follow suit. Here’s a look at how it came together in Asheville and nearby Knoxville.

In this mountain club of North Carolina, there was a lower-level room with a scenic view that no one could appreciate. “We had an old dining space that wasn’t used that often,” says Country Club of Asheville Club Manager Michael Methot about the spark of an idea. “We converted it – completely transformed it – into a fitness center.” Now, the 2,800-square-foot space is decked out with treadmills and resistance weight machines, a “one-stop- shop facility,” Methot says. What’s more, another spare room was outfitted with mirrors and a new floor to become an exercise studio. There, eight group fitness classes happen each week, and members often use it for stretching and personal exercise routines. “We had the facilities, they just weren’t fitness facilities,” Methot says. The center opened in October 2015. “We’ve been able to create a really great center for our members.”

Likewise, one of the first renovations made to the clubhouse at Holston Hills Country Club in Knoxville was a similar extra space overhaul. With new flooring, lighting, and equipment, a former dining room has become that club’s state-of-the-art fitness center.

At both clubs, the new space has opened the door for exciting new programming. At Holston Hills, new activities director Katelyn Graham was brought on board to oversee an active group fitness class schedule and personal training sessions. At the Country Club of Asheville, a robust fitness class schedule has been so popular that they’re now offering unique activities like chair yoga and a multi-week dance class series. At both places, “we have a good mix of equipment and programs for everyone,” says Corporate Director of Member Activities and Wellness Natalie Clemens. Clemens was instrumental in both overhauls, but turned to each club for specific details. “We really took our members’ thoughts and inputs into consideration,” Methot says. “It’s another way to engage and offer them more.”

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